On what basis has Julianus Inkasso been contracted to collect my debt(s)?

If you fail to pay an invoice for goods or services, your service provider (creditor) has the right to engage the services of Julianus Inkasso for collection of the debt by entering into a partnership agreement.

Alternatively, your creditor may assign the debt to Julianus Inkasso. This means that all contractual rights associated with the debt are transferred to Julianus Inkasso, who becomes the new creditor.

I have not received an invoice. What should I do?

First, make sure that the details (e-mail address, phone number, postal address) you have provided to your service provider are correct.

Check your spam/junk folders.

Read the contract you have entered into with the service provider to find out whether and how the creditor will bill you. E.g., it may be that the company only issues invoices once a year or if the value of the services provided is more than 5 euros.

If the invoice has not reached you, be proactive and ask for a new invoice. Not receiving an invoice does not release a debtor from the obligation to pay it in time.

If you fail to pay an invoice in time, you will also have to pay late payment interest and the collection costs in addition to the invoiced amount.

The claim is unfounded because I have not received any supporting documents.

Julianus Inkasso does not provide supporting documents together with debt collection notices.

As debtors’ contact details may change, we do not issue supporting documents automatically without your request and without verifying your identity.

To receive supporting and other additional documents relating to your debt, please call us at +372 681 4456 or send an e-mail to

Why do I have to pay my debt to Julianus Inkasso and not to the service provider?

Your service provider has chosen Julianus Inkasso to act as their debt collection partner.

Julianus Inkasso is now responsible for the collection of your debt and has the most accurate information about the total amount owed. Paying the amount owed to Julianus Inkasso’s bank account is the fastest way to get your debt registered as paid.

Upon receipt of the payment, the collection of the debt will be terminated, your service provider will be notified of the payment of the debt, and your payment default will no longer show as active in

I received a payment reminder from Julianus Inkasso, but I have already paid the debt. Why do I have to pay the collection cost?

If you have paid a debt after the due date indicated on the invoice and if the collection of the debt has already been initiated at Julianus Inkasso, you will also need to pay late payment interest and the related costs of collection in addition to the principal sum.

If you made the payment directly to the service provider, please send us a copy of the payment order by e-mail at

In such a case, you will need to pay any late payment interest and collection costs to the bank account of Julianus Inkasso.

The most convenient way to do this is via our self-service environment HERE.

For additional information, contact us via our customer support chat application or by phone at +372 681 4456.

Debt collection proceedings are only terminated after the debt has been paid in full (incl. collection costs), until which time your data will remain published as active debt information in the payment default register

How does Julianus Inkasso receive information about debts?

Julianus Inkasso receives information about your debts from the company/person who provides/provided the service to you. If you fail to pay the invoice(s) for a service or a product purchased under a deferred payment arrangement, the provider/vendor may file a debt claim with Julianus Inkasso for collection of the debt.

I have not entered into an agreement with Julianus Inkasso – on what grounds are you processing my contact details?

Your service provider has the right to contact Julianus Inkasso and enter into a partnership agreement for the collection of your debt.

Under such an agreement, Julianus Inkasso is authorised to represent the creditor in debt collection proceedings both in court and out of court.

This authorisation grants Julianus Inkasso the right to process the contact details of the debtor without the consent of the latter.

For additional information, see § 14 of the Personal Data Protection Act and Article 6(1)(b) of the General Data Protection Regulation.