About Julianus

Julianus Inkasso is a collection company founded on Estonian capital that has provided industry-leading debt collection services in the Baltics for nearly three decades. We specialize in domestic and international extrajudicial and judicial debt collection.

At Julianus Inkasso, we use cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence to find the best possible solutions for our client’s debt collection concerns. We also have the largest and most competent team on the market, focused on offering exceptional customer service. We understand that managing debts and claims can be time-consuming and stressful. That’s why we get things done fast so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Our customers include small businesses and private individuals who submit only a few claims per year, as well as public sector institutions and large companies that need comprehensive debt collection solutions for thousands of claims per month.


No matter how big or small the project, we always find the best solution for our client’s specific needs.

Julianus Inkasso is a subsidiary of Aktiva Finance Group, which offers financial services for individual needs. With three decades of experience in the industry, our international team knows how important it is to stay ahead of the times and streamline processes.

The group’s enterprises in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland employ nearly 200 people dedicated to developing the financial infrastructure, from making payments to debt collection. We help companies focus on running and growing their businesses without worrying about the small things.

With the combined expertise of other Aktiva Finance Group enterprises, Julianus Inkasso can offer complete financial infrastructure solutions that reduce credit losses and increase cash flow.



DSV Estonia AS

Marjot Randrüüt

Chief Financial Officer

Julianus has been our collection partner for many years. Beyond anything, we value their ability to find a suitable solution for each individual case.


Elisa Eesti AS

Meelis Jurn

Administrative Manager

During our long-lasting partnership, Julianus has provided an effective collection service to Elisa and has been successful at claims auctions. We value Julianus as a reliable and capable partner.


Inbank AS

Marko Varik

Chief Financial Officer

Julianus’ 25 years of experience in the Estonian credit market and the variety of services they offer, from the register service to enforcement proceedings, create value that is unmatched in Estonia.


IPF Digital AS (Credit24)

Evelin Sarap

Head of Debt Prevention Department

I appreciate Julianus’ open communication, results-oriented approach, innovativeness, and the fact that they treat our clients well. This has enabled our partnership to flourish for a long time.


KredEx Krediidikindlustus AS

Erki Aamer

Board Member

Julianus Inkasso is a strong partner in handling international claims. In addition to neighbouring countries, Julianus Inkasso possesses effective collection partners throughout Europe.


Ragn-Sells AS

Eda Lukk

Chief Accountant

Our clients accumulate a very high number of overdue invoices every month. There is no alternative to Julianus in Estonia that can manage such a volume so effectively.


Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikum SA

Maret Tark

Chief Financial Officer

Julianus Inkasso have proven themselves effective in both complex legal disputes as well as mass proceedings of small claims. We also highly appreciate Julianus Inkasso for properly complying with the Personal Data Protection Act, which is crucial for a hospital.


Telia Eesti AS

Jaana Soha

Head of Support Services

Julianus has been an excellent long-term partner to Telia Eesti in both collection and judicial proceedings.


Visma Financial Solutions OY

Matias Mäenpää


Julianus is a reliable and results-oriented partner. They are strong practitioners and visionaries at the same time.

Who are we?

Julianus Inkasso offers clients a complete debt collection solution, representing them in ordinary collection, judicial, enforcement proceedings as well as in complex bankruptcy, reorganisation, liquidation, and inheritance proceedings.

Our strength: we are always there. We handle our clients’ claims constantly and actively. We answer debtors’ calls 24/7 and allow debtors to manage their debts around the clock in Julianus’ self-service environment.

We are innovative – always employing the latest technological solutions. Our tens of thousands of automated processes have been developed on the basis of successfully concluded past proceedings.

A significant part of the whole process is handled by AI (artificial intelligence), making proceedings fast and efficient. In addition to all this automation, an experienced debt collection officer plays a key role, communicating with debtors on a daily basis to reach agreements and monitoring compliance.

Julianus Inkasso administers Estonia’s largest database of active claims, establishing the trust necessary to serve as a partner to some of Estonia’s most successful enterprises.

Our high standards of service ensure that good debt collection practices are always followed and that the debtor is treated with respect in order to maintain good relations between the parties.

Julianus in numbers

3 500+
More than 3,500 partners in the Baltics
56 000+
Over 56,000 court procedures started per year
200 000
200,000 enquiries for background checks per day
900 000+
Over 900,000 active debt claim proceedings
55+ MLN
More than 55 million euros collected per year

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Julianus is a leading collection service provider in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
Through our partners, we are represented in 180 countries around the world.

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