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Julianus introduces e-collection solution (12.12.2016)


e-collection is a new electronic debt selection service in the shape of a web and mobile application for all private and corporate clients who want to request initiation of collection proceedings regarding their debt claims.

e-collection allows clients to submit their debt claims, enclose the documents that prove the claim, give their confirmation for initiation of proceedings and monitor the course of the proceedings on their computer or mobile.

It was only yesterday that clients who wanted to initiate debt proceedings had to send a query, then file documents to get a quote, then wait for the quote and confirm all this with a contract, but now all they need to do is send us the details of the debt, confirm the course of proceedings offered by us and then wait for the money or the notice of termination of proceedings.

“Since the average amount of the debts of private persons and companies that have become collectable in Estonia is 300 and 600 euros, respectively, or not particularly big, then submitting claims for these debts should also be easy and take as little time as possible,” said Ülar Maapalu. “We believe that a couple of minutes is a fair amount of time.”

e-collection is an innovative web service which is paid for after the initiated proceedings have been successfully completed and the debt has actually been repaid.

We believe that this is fair to our clients, and also the best guarantee of the quality of our work.

Julianus is the biggest credit and debt management solution provider in the Baltic States. Our clients include different companies and public sector organisations who all want to be successful and efficient in their principal activities. Julianus has been operating in the area of debt and credit management for 22 years, which makes it the most experienced debt management company in Estonia.

“We believe that e-collection will change the present understanding of submitting debts for collection,” said Maapalu.


Further information:

Ülar Maapalu, CEO at Julianus Grupp OÜ

Telephone: + 372 50 43126, e-mail:

Credit Register starts cooperating with Estonian Chamber of Real Estate Brokers (06.10.2016)


In September, Credit Register and the Estonian Chamber of Real Estate Brokers signed a cooperation agreement, which is aimed at improving the quality of lease agreements and guaranteeing lessees and lessors with security regarding them.

The cooperation agreement covers the use of Credit Register by all members of the chamber and professional brokers to check the background and payment discipline of tenants. allows its users to:

  • Check that the data submitted by the lessees are correct;
  • Assess the lessee’s capability to make regular rent payments;
  • Check the prior payment discipline of the lessee;
  • Use the register’s financial rating. The rating is based on the person’s past financial conduct, the queries made about the person, initiated litigation and their financial status.

According to the head of Credit Register Art Andresson, it is important to have brokers encourage lessors to given information about debtors to the credit register so that any payment delays can be recorded. “Immediate feedback and participation in these by brokers and lessors is important for the further development of the service,” said Andresson.

“This can be done free of charge and disclosing such information disciplines people and motivates them to perform their obligations appropriately”, he added.

Margit Sild, a member of the Management Board of the Estonian Chamber of Real Estate Brokers and herself a professional broker, expressed the opinion that the register is useful in brokerage work: “Brokers who mediate real estate lease transactions value that secure feeling of knowing that a potential tenant has a clean background with no payment irregularities. If the register begins to receive information about rent debtors, it will be of help to both lessors and real estate brokers.”

Credit Register is a portal created more than two years ago which contains information about the financial discipline of companies and private individuals. The register currently contains the contact details and information of over 150,000 unique debtors. Although the register has only been operating for a short time, clients submit over 120,000 queries per month via the register either as simple queries or to obtain complicated financial ratings.