Instructions for conduct

What should you do if you have incurred arrears and the claim has been given to a debt collection agency for proceedings?

  • If you have received a notice from us concerning arrears and you have any questions, please dial 6814434 or send an e-mail to

  • If you have received a notice from us concerning arrears and the person we are looking for cannot be found under the used contact details, please inform us of incorrect contact details to avoid incorrect queries in the future.

  • If you are experiencing financial difficulties, start solving your problems immediately – every delayed day increases your arrears.

  • If the claim you have received is correct, we recommend that you pay the arrears by the term provided on the notice.

  • If you are experiencing difficulties with paying the invoices, you should address the debt collection agency that sent the payment notice in order to negotiate on the possibilities for payment of the claim in instalments.

  • If you have formerly entered into an agreement with a debt collection agency for the repayment of a debt, but you are having difficulties with the performance of the agreement due to loss of work or other temporary payment difficulties, you should inform the debt collection agency to agree on new repayment terms and conditions.

  • If a family member, friend or acquaintance wishes to pay your arrears for you, it is possible, but in this case the payment order must definitely include the reference number which can be found on the debt notice.

  • Make sure that your mobile network operator, providers of public services and providers of financial services have your correct and up-to-date contact details. In this case, they will be able to directly contact you when any arrears are incurred and agree on the repayment of the debt as soon as possible.